The Big MT and Haiti

The Big MT and Haiti

06 June 2006 – Appleton, Wisconsin

Mother Theresa once shook hands with a dictator and praised his wife for her community outreach. I realize it takes a lot to be good in this world, but clearly Theresa, here, was more of a politician than a saint. That is, if she ever attains sainthood. I would like to see those three miracles. I bet they are all going to have been in third world countries, carefully out of the sight of any sort of electronic historical documentation devices like a camera.

I got that little tidbit of Theresa trivia from the book «Mountains Beyond Mountains» which is about a man, his mission and Haiti. It really is fantastic and can either serve as a stimulant to encourage one to go out and help change the world. Or it can work as a depressive agent, showing just how little the things one does for entertainment matter to the 3,000,000,000+ people living in abject poverty in the world.

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