Pieces Come Together

Pieces come together

12 September 2006 – Appleton, Wisconsin

Slowly our plans for France are becoming more concrete. Often it is happening quicker than we would like, but I suppose if things like insurance were up to me I’d never actually get around to paying for it.

The summer is winding down and I only have two more articles to write for Penobscot Bay Press before my tenure with them is over. My boss has been so accommodating and nice that Emma and I are planning on bringing some baked goods over to Stonington tomorrow (the 13th) to thank him and say our goodbyes.

I made my first contact with an English teacher at Jules Haag. Her English is excellent and she has asked if I know anything about physics because one of her classes is also taking physics lessons in English. I can only assume this means they speak better English than I do. So now I need to brush up on my high school physics and French.

T minus 7 days till we leave, and I can’t wait, if only to get the transition over with and grow comfortable with living in Besançon.

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