To Southern France!

To Southern France!


08 February 2007 – Besançon, France

Undaunted by the collapse of our Morocco plans (damn you Ryanair and your shifty pricing scheme, 43 euros in taxes my ass), Emma and I have begun planning a sojourn to various parts of Southern France. We’re hoping to make it to Morocco later on during our “May is for Traveling” month.

Not much else to update. We finished our oral rendition of the Odyssey a week or so ago and have now begun to read aloud the Iliad. Much more boasting in this one and more shout-outs to the actual people in battle. Ulysses actually only ran into about 20 (important) people total in his travels, while it seems that there wasn’t a single unimportant person fighting in the War.

Also noteworthy, my sister is coming to Paris for her spring break next week. She’ll be making her way out here on Wednesday and then Emma and I will accompany her and her boyfriend back to Paris next Friday. Excellent.

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