Jane, a Person

Yesterday was a good day. Emma was glowing by the time bedtime came. Over the past week or so, Jane really seems to be becoming less an infant and more a person. The edges of her mouth turn up ever so slightly when we are doing something she enjoys, like having her diaper removed, or being presented with a nipple. At night, when she gets hungary, instead of crying, she inches her way towards Emma’s back like a little silk worm, gently nuzzling her until Emma turns and gives her what she needs.

While I have been back to work, really since she was born, I have still been playing a pretty active role in this early time. I can’t fathom having to work full, 40-hour weeks during these first precious few months. So much changes everyday, I’d miss it all.

A few days ago I finally got a rare glimpse of what Emma saw a lot of in those early days. With me being a night owl, Emma has taken a number of photos with me snuggled close to Jane. But this time it was she who slept late, and I, having my camera close at hand, was ready. They are adorable. I couldn’t be happier than I am right now, even just looking back at the photo:

On Wednesday, Jane got to meet her Great-Grandfather Marc. He has been dealing with memory loss associated with Alzheimers for a number of years now, but his face lit up when he saw his great-granddaughter. I was unable to be there, but Emma said she got teary eyed watching him play with her little feet and smile.

So things are going well. Jane’s still a great little eater, and she continues to put on weight. Two weeks ago she was 11 pounds, so there’s no telling where she’s at now. All I know is she’s getting harder to walk in circles with at 2 a.m. Last night I felt as though my arm was going to fall off. Though some nights are longer than others, I am blessed with a terrible memory, so I treat every night as though it might be the one where she drifts off to sleep in the car on the way home and doesn’t wake up until her midnight feeding.

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