Finnegan Arrives

Well, here it is Friday, March 11 and while we knew at some point we’d have to plant seeds, the snow just looked like it wasn’t going anywhere. Then we have back to back torrential rain storms and, poof, we can see grass again. Of course, being able to see the grass isn’t the only change around here. As you can tell from the title of this post, Finnegan has come to stay for good. Timberwyck Farm does nothing if not keep you on your toes.

Finnegan meets the chickens

After hoping out of the car, Finnegan’s M.O. was to poop and then say hello to all the fellow animals on the farm. While E.B. White could probably have written some decent dialog to go alone with the introductions, we’ll suffice to say Finnegan is “okay” with everyone. The sheep and goats seemed to freak him out less than the pigs, though he even got some good sniffs in with Gertrude in her pen. He also snuck into the barn and spooked the chickens good. We’ll have to work to make sure he understand that those are our chickens and not food.

While he’s been amped up pretty well since he got in, we’ve seen a mellow side to him a few times and think he should settle down to be a pretty easy going pooch. The separation from his old home was difficult, and we’ve vowed to keep his previous mom and dad in the loop with what’s going on. But so far so good at Timberwyck, Finnegan has a new home now and we’ll be trying to make it a nice, easy transition.

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