A Year in Review

Welcome to tomorrow … today! I can hardly remember what happend last month, let alone January of last year, but let’s give it a shot, eh?

We’re still raising pigs, kids and occassionaly vegetables in Castine, Maine. Colin is still happily working as a software developer for Five Q. Emma continues to search for the craft project that will make her rich (so many schemes at the moment). Jane started kindergarten in the fall. Silas started talking back this summer. We took a family trip to Disney World. Sam finished up her semester at Coastal Studies for Girls. Peter kicked the crap out of his homeschool curriculum. Colin also, completed three marathons, and two half-marathons and registered for his first ultra marathon (now he’s just showing off). Emma is pregnant with our third biological child, who shall be a surprise but named either Asa or Abigail. Whew!

In other news, Peter and Sam moved out of our house in the middle of 2015. The circumstances were less than happy, but the change was made for the benefit of us all. Mostly Emma and Colin found themselves woefully unable to provide the environment that they needed to be successful and as a result no one was happy with the outcomes. We initially left the situation a bit open, but the longer and happier they remained in their new household, the more we took on the role of supporters, rather than parents.

We still all live in the same town, and their guardian is one of our best friends so we see them often, and even rang in 2016 with them, albeit with all the South Georgians at 9 PM EST, rather than midnight (just try keeping a 5 and 2 year old up for new year’s eve). So, major rough patch to the year, but things seem to be better for all inovled now.

There was, obviously, a lot more going on in 2015. But that was the big stuff. For everything else, Colin occassionally posts on Facebook or Twitter so look him up there.