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  1. Coaching soccer

    Tue 26 September 2017

    This is my second year coaching the middle school soccer team here in Castine. Each year I am filled with apprehension about the make up of the team, and wether coaching is actually something I can do. All those kids, just looking at you to say something, anything really, so …

  2. Common Ground

    Mon 25 September 2017

    Another fair has come and gone. There was once a time where we lazily strolled through Common Ground, treating it like so many other country fairs. Once we discovered the lectures on homestaeding and slow living, we started running manic circles through Unity looking for the next best talk.

    When …

  3. Are you like me?

    Wed 20 September 2017

    One of the aspects of my faith that I have the most difficulty with is accepting other people regardless of where they are. As a human, I like to hang with people like me. This is understandable, as tribalism exists in the world as an artifact of the world we …

  4. Equity

    Tue 19 September 2017

    The gospel of Matthew suggests that Christ's heaven is an equal opportunity saver. That is, it is not a place where those who worked the hardest receive the best, or those who took and never gave suffer. The parable of the vineyard laborers more or less spells out a universal …

  5. Spacemacs

    Tue 19 September 2017

    Emacs is very powerful. Amazingly so. But it's so arcane, the keystrokes could take you years to master. So what's a developer to do?

    Enter spacemacs. I honestly don't know where this idea came from, and my brain is structured in such a way that I could have ever pulled …

  6. Monarchs

    Sat 16 September 2017

    I knew that monarch butterflies were born somewhere in the north and then migrated to Mexico for the winter. But today on a hike on Sears Island we got to see a field of wildflowers, predominently milkweed, that was set aside specifically for monarchs to develop in.

    Indeed, we saw …

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