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  1. Weekly roundup: Wrapping up

    Thu 04 January 2018

    Beginning something? In the fashion of, I'm going to attempt a weekly update. What did I do this week? Who cares? These are all important questions.

    • Ridecell I gave my resignation notice at the end of last week. No such decisions are ever easy, but the language I've …

  2. Apples

    Thu 14 December 2017

    Sitting in a coffee shop surrounded by people tapping away on Macbooks I can help but remember my freshman year in college. One of my floor RLAs was a total Mac cultist who owned multiple aging machines, included a G3 that he desperately wanted to get Apache running on. OS …

  3. Sheep

    Tue 05 December 2017

    Today is a gray, cold December day. The mercury suggests it's warmer than it feels. The objectivity of a metal liquid at room temperature means very little when the cold seems to be inside you.

    Our sheep are not faring well. We lost two last month to a mysterious cause …

  4. Campaigning

    Fri 27 October 2017

    Campaigning has been a very interesting trip. The most memoroable aspect of running for select board so far has been finding people standing up along side me and asking how they can help me gain a seat at the table. Mostly, that's because I tend to think of myself as …

  5. Enough

    Fri 29 September 2017

    From the lyrics of John K. Sampson, this world is good enough, because it has to be.

  6. Free and Repsonsible

    Thu 28 September 2017

    The way I was raised, certain people were simply wrong. If they didn't share the same enthusiasm for science, they were incorrect. If they believed in a benevolent (or even malevolent) Christian god, they were wrong. There was very little gray in many of the positions that were espoused to …

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