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Posted Tue 05 December 2017


Today is a gray, cold December day. The mercury suggests it's warmer than it feels. The objectivity of a metal liquid at room temperature means very little when the cold seems to be inside you.

Our sheep are not faring well. We lost two last month to a mysterious cause. Either they were being treated roughly by our other sheep and simply failed to get basic nutrition while parasites took hold, or something more specific and viral laid them low, we are not sure. But they're gone, and now our two lambs from this year are not looking great either.

The responsibility we have towards our livestock is complicated by the same moral lines as we have with all living creatures. But in this instance it's hard to reconcile that we were hoping to eat these lamb at some point. Death for them remains the same result, but we are frustrated by our own failure to keep them well, and the loss of an investment in livestock. The whole situation is one that would be hard to understand unless you kept your own stock for meat. Those who go to the grocery store and prefer their meat looking like like the animal that beget them will struggle to know why it's difficult to watch an animal die from illness, even as you had planned to end it's life sooner rather than later anyway.

Regardless, here we are. I hope our lambs can pull through and put on weight. We've done what we can and the rest will depend on the resilience of the animals themselves.

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