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  1. Struggles

    Wed 30 May 2018

    I find fairly frequently that my preferred habits go in cycles. That means that inevitably I am either high or low in energy and outlook, and it taints my relationships and has a tendency to lead to going either higher or lower.

    This is all to be expected. You cannot …

  2. Moral imagination

    Thu 12 April 2018

    When I first read Cultivating Empathy by Nathan Walker, it was just a book I picked up at General Assembly because I enjoyed his talk so much. I had no idea what a power idea the moral imagination is, and that it would come up over and over again in …

  3. Weekly roundup: Projecting

    Fri 02 March 2018

    Wrapped up some actual projects and improved my task management process; a good week!

    • Elation Working on a small project build out right now and the backend is coming together nicely. I had a really pleasant time with my first large code review and the

    • Castine

    • Church

    All in all …

  4. Weekly roundup: APIs

    Fri 23 February 2018

    This was a busy week with budgets and project kick offs. Let's jump right in.

    • Elation I got a new API feature complete though it still needs some work after a code review. I'm learning to love code reviews, though. I think the last few tricks I've learned about the …

  5. On Intention

    Wed 14 February 2018

    This idea was cribbed from Bryan Cantrill's talk on oral traditions in software development, is the importance of making as clear as possible your intentions when you do things. Often I feel as though intention gets a bad rap. The road to hell, and what-not. But the reality is that …

  6. Weekly roundup: Nick of time

    Fri 09 February 2018

    Just got this post in in the nick of time this week. It's still technically Friday in the Eastern time zone :) It was a pretty good week all things considered.

    • Elation I brought two tickets to completion, including one that was sort of a personal stretch as it involved javascript …

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